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Things to Note to Make Your Learning Works

June, 2023 — Written by Trineke Haruko

In Brief
  • Learning is a process done by individuals to gain and understand new information.
  • Learning is one of the most crucial aspects of human advancement because it enables people to thrive in the face of adversity.
  • There are a few things that learning facilitator needs to do in every of their learning initiative, such as adjusting used language level and method, providing clear objectives, and delivering the learning holistically.

The unpredictability that the world serves on a silver platter to humanity forces us to face changes and new situations at any given moment. One thing people have done since ages ago to conquer challenges is by learning. Learning, a process done by individuals to obtain and synthesize new information hence using it to grow personally and professionally, is not solely for the sake of equipping us to face adversity, as one of the most crucial aspects of human advancement, learning also enables people to thrive and win against the curve balls of life.

Now that we know the essence of learning to humankind, for the one providing learning services, it is only proper to ensure that the learning that we've designed works. To make learning work, there are a few things that the learning facilitator needs to do in every learning initiative. The first one is using the right language and method. The learning facilitator needs to adjust the used language level and method to the audience, ensuring them to speak in a language that is easily understood by the audience is crucial in helping them to understand the content, and choosing the right method to deliver the learning is important, because one method might work for one group, but might not have worked for the other. For example, having a one-way lecture method might work for children, but for adults, experiential learning will be more successful than the passive ones.

Aside from language and method, the facilitator also needs to provide clear objectives of the learning to the students to help them put the learning into perspective and encourage them to implement the insight in their daily life. To put it into effect, the learning initiative is better to be packed holistically, especially if the audience is a group of adults or professionals. Because in the professional world, knowledge isn’t enough, one must also have the attitude and emotional state that enable them to be productive. Therefore, modern learning needs not only to give additional knowledge, but also to fix the attitude, align purpose, boost confidence, and eventually modify the students’ behaviours.

Hashella Kostan
Consultant for Assessment and Learning |

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