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Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison Future Manager Credentials

June, 2023

iAccelerate Leap Journey Program: Preparing Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison Promising Young Talents to Become Impactful Leaders

Ensuring promising young talents of the company are ready to become the future leaders of the organization is one of the key aspects that all successful businesses have. Below we illustrate how we help Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison prepare their promising young talents to become the future leaders of the organization.

In the Q4 of 2022, the HR team of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison engage with one of our consultants. At that moment, they were looking for help in preparing their management trainees’ talents to become the future leaders of their organization.

As a response to their need, we propose that our signature Future Manager Credentials program. would be the best solution. After looking at our program, they agree with our proposal and decided that the program will be best conducted in the Q1 of 2023.

At the beginning of the program, we conducted an initial assessment of the talents to get a grasp of their current skill and capabilities so we can better tailor our program according to their needs. After we analyzed the assessment results, it was found that a deep and holistic understanding of Human Capital & Leadership, Business-to-Business Marketing, Finance, and Business Strategy is needed for them to become impactful leaders of the organization.

After deciding which modules we’re going to use for the program. We decided that it was best to spread out the training into 2 training periods, consisting of 3 days of training for each period, and 6 days of training in total followed by a final presentation to highlight their learning to the current leaders of the organization.

Human Capital & Leadership Training (1 Day Training)

We started the program with Human Capital & Leadership training. This is because we understand that to create impactful leaders, we need them to have a deep understanding of human management and how to lead them. In this training session, we utilized our human capital gamification learning module combined with a workshop to help them learn in a fun, insightful, and engaging manner.

Through this training, we were able to help them understand how to motivate employees, how to align organizational and individual values, and the fundamental of leadership with 100% satisfaction and effectiveness.

Business-to-Business Marketing Training (2 Days Training)

After equipping them with human capital and leadership knowledge, we immediately taught them about business-to-business marketing training. Understanding how business-to-business marketing strategy is essential to create impactful leaders because leaders that are unable to persuade others show a lack of confidence in both themselves and the organization.

To help them understand business-to-business marketing strategy, we utilize our business-to-business gamification learning module and roleplay. Our gamification learning was used to help them familiarize themselves with their organization’s products, current customers, and future customers. While on the other hand, we utilized roleplay to help them get a real feel of what it was like to face clients. In the roleplay, we employ experts from their organization’s business-to-business team to ensure the roleplay experience is as realistic as possible.

As a result of this training, we were able to help them understand value capture and value creation, buying determinant theory, and how to handle business-to-business customers with 93% effectiveness.

Finance Training (1 Day Training)

Another key aspect needed by impactful leaders is financial literacy. Leaders with financial literacy will have a deeper understanding of a business on a holistic level, ensuring that he/she will make smarter decisions within the workplace, better communication with stakeholders, and make greater professional advancements.

Since finance is such a difficult topic to understand for many people, we decided that it would be best to help them understand finance using our finance gamification learning module. Learning difficult topics using gamification learning allows the training participants to learn through experience so they can immediately understand how to apply those learning to everyday work while also having fun at the same time.

This results in 100% effectiveness and satisfaction from participants as it was able to help them gain a deep understanding of how to read financial statements, the stock market, and financial strategies that can be used to create and manage successful businesses.

Business Strategy Training (2 Days Training)

The final training is the Business Strategy training. A deep and holistic understanding of business strategy is especially important to have for impactful leaders around the world. This helps leaders to set clear organizational goals and allows the organization to have a competitive edge over other organizations.

In this training session, we utilize a workshop in combination with a speed networking session with the organization experts coming from multiple different divisions. In the workshop, we taught them how to create a value-based strategy and how they can conduct a business and organization analysis to help them prepare for the speed networking session. In the speed networking session, we facilitate them to interview every expert and get a grasp of the organization’s current strategy and value.

Through this training session, we were able to help them gain an understanding of how to create a value-based strategy and how to conduct business and organization analysis with 100% effectiveness.

After the training participants learned all the modules available in the program, we gave them a task to come up with strategies on how they can help increase their organization’s value by 200%. Their ideas then will be presented in the final event of the program called the Business Presentation Challenge.

Business Presentation Challenge

The purpose of the business presentation challenge is to highlight how much they’ve learned throughout the program in front of their leaders. In the business presentation challenge, all the training participants present their idea as a group on how they can help increase their organization’s value by 200%. Other than highlighting their progress throughout the program, this event also functions to facilitate them in putting into practice all the learning points they’ve learned so far to get a grasp of whether the training thus far has been as effective as the participants said.

In the event, the participants managed to propose sound strategies that can help improve the company value by 200-1700%. This result is beyond the initial expectations and has managed to impress the current leaders of the organization. This learning event is then closed with awarding ceremony in which the current organization leaders evaluate and select who is the best group presenter and who are the top 3 talents of the program followed by a graduation ceremony for all the training participants.

The program has resulted in:


satisfaction with learning materials and learning activities


satisfaction with the learning facilitators and gamification learning


satisfaction with the relevancy of the program to the day-to-day job of the training participants


average Net Promoter Score was achieved from all the 4 chapters given during the program

In conclusion, the program was a huge success and was loved by all the participants and the organization leaders.

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