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Our Story

Established in 17 August 2018
Vision to enrich lives of nations through young talent employment-related

The birth of “Quality Apprenticeship, No CV & No GPA”, allowing final year university students and recent graduates to land quality 3 to 6 months apprenticeship programs by partnering with growing startups through objective hiring system – AMBIZ Assessment​​​

The Year of Quality Apprenticeship Expansion
The start of AMBIZ 8 Impact Factors​​​

Partnering with 60 growing startups across ten industries, 50 in-university communities allowing fresh graduates to land quality apprenticeships and management trainee programs.​

The Moment of Blessing
The birth of AMBIZ Agility Assessment and Organization Development Service​

As Covid-19 shocked almost all industries, we thrived by collaborating with decades-old companies in highly-regulated sectors for organizational transformation through AMBIZ Agility Assessment and Organization Development Initiatives.​​​

The Growing Period
The Beginning of Catalyst Program and Innovative Culture Solutions​

As the home country’s economy grew, industry leaders’ readiness to catalyze change increased. We helped companies catalyze innovation culture and talent advancement throughout the year through The Catalyst Program, Kampus Merdeka (Apprenticeship Program by Ministry of Education), and boost talent acquisition effectiveness through Smart Hiring System.​​​​

The Year of Collective Impact
The Expansion of Nation-wide Partnerships and Impact​​​

The birth of “Quality Apprenticeship, No CV & No GPA”, allowing final year university students and recent graduates to land quality 3 to 6 months apprenticeship programs by partnering with growing startups through objective hiring system – AMBIZ Assessment​​​

Upcoming Year
Expanding our Impact to Southeast Asia

In the fifth year of AMBIZ's establishment, we aim to expand our service area to achieve a wider global impact, starting from the Southeast Asia region.​

Our Values



We do the right thing, even when no one is looking



We strive to bring positive multiplier effects in everything that we do



We embrace change and make progress



We respond to challenges in agile and adaptive manners


Customer Focused

We focus on providing what matters to our customers without sacrificing our integrity



We value trust, so we strive to earn trust with everyone that collaborate with us and in exchange, trust those who march together with us

Our People

Meet the AMBIZ team! a group of multi-discipline talents who are driven to help you bring meaningful IMPACT to your organization.

Rani Soebijantoro

Founder & Chairwoman

Givari Rizky Michael A.

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Rayhan Ahmad Yuzar

Co-Founder & Director of Technology

Puspita Hapsari S.

Business Partner

Hashella Kostan

Consultant for Assessment and Learning

Zahra Rahmandari

Senior Associate Consultant

Ardelia Pratista A.

Senior Associate Consultant for Employer Branding

Yeni Rosandi

Technology Team

Cindy Natalia Wijaya

Incoming Associate

Satrio Dwi Anggoro


Wanita Cinta Ilmu


Alfin Adichandra


Ax'l Dimitri Josua T.

Technology Team

Aditya Eka Harsana

Technology Team

Arnoud Reinhardt Oscar S.

Technology Team


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Regenerating The Possible



We redefine strategy through the lens of regeneration. Our philosophy transcends the traditional boundaries of business growth, blending profit with purpose, ambition with accountability.

By rooting our strategic methodologies in regenerative principles, we ensure organizations flourish.



Empowers you to make data-driven workforce planning through objective assessment.


Helping Companies Acquire The Most-Fit Candidates through Game Changing Recruitment.


Helping Companies Align Values and Culture Perception Internally and Externally.


Born through the need for versatility caused by the ever-evolving business landscape.


Drawing inspiration from the precision of nature’s systems, where everything is interconnected and operates in harmony, we aspire to establish frameworks and structures that allow businesses to function seamlessly, ethically, and with integrity.


At AMBIZ, we understand that businesses don't operate in isolation. They're deeply embedded in a tapestry of relationships, from investors and employees to customers and the communities they serve.

Our approach to stakeholdership transcends transactional interactions, rooting instead in the philosophy of symbiotic partnerships.


In today's interconnected world, AMBIZ understands that globalization is more than just entering new markets.

We harness the beauty of global connectedness and blend it with local nuances to create a harmonized global presence for your business.