Tailored to your business essence, we focus on direct or indirect impacts, whether nurturing community regeneration or enhancing strategic relevancy.
Impact First Engagement
This approach is focused on strategically engaging specific talent segments, aiming to enhance their internalization level within the company. Examples of impactful engagement initiatives include talent development programs, competitions during recruitment phases, conferences, networking events, and participation in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. We usually formulate engagement based on the needs from the company, with 3 packs of criteria as follow:

Direct - Indirect

Clear delineation and strategic alignment of direct and indirect engagement activities. Develop a tailored strategy that optimizes direct engagement for operational efficiency and ensures meaningful impact through well-planned indirect engagement with the community.

Regeneration - Relevancy

A balanced strategy that addresses both regeneration and relevancy, resulting in a resilient and forward-looking company. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of current talent capabilities and market trends.

Company - Community

A harmonized approach that balances company and community impact. Develop and implement programs that align with community needs, showcasing the company's commitment to both internal and external stakeholders.

8 Types of Engagement