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G4S Catalyst: Essential Leadership Training Program

November, 2022

G4S Catalyst: Empowering Change and Leadership Transformation in G4S Indonesia Preparation Program

During four intensive months, from July to October 2022, AMBIZ had the opportunity to partner with G4S, a leading multinational security and facility services company that provides proactive security services and cutting-edge smart technology.

This collaboration aimed to support G4S Indonesia’s current mission for successful internal transformation. We started creating the plan by developing the right approach through deep analysis of G4S Indonesia’s situation and priorities. We developed the plan by listening to G4S Indonesia’s leaders, backed by the result of targeted G4S Indonesia employees’ AMBIZ Assessment as qualitative and quantitative data. As the result, we decided to create a change management program titled G4S Catalyst: Essential Leadership Training Program (Catalyst Program).

In this program, we called the participants of Catalyst Program as Catalysts. There were 31 Catalysts who were middle management level in G4S Indonesia coming from various divisions, such as Operations, People & Culture, and Finance, each overseeing various sites across Indonesia. All 31 Catalyst along with their direct supervisor, peer, and subordinate were assessed using AMBIZ Assessment.

The role of AMBIZ Assessment in Catalyst Program was fundamental, as it helped us to understand Catalysts’ current conditions, including their individual capacities, leadership to people who worked around them, and perspectives toward the company’s ability to be agile. This helped us to analyze and generate the right strategy for all Catalysts, be it as an individual, or as a whole.

The Catalyst Program started with an Opening Townhall that invited all Catalysts from across Indonesia to come to Jakarta, so they could attend the training in person. The Opening Townhall consisted of several training topics that mainly focused on the introduction of Catalyst Program and preparing the participants with necessary skills to achieve the goal of the program: for them to build impactful change initiatives on their area of work.

Catalysts were given approximately three months to implement their change initiatives. During this period, we ensured that progress was made by Catalysts by guiding them through intensive personal and group coaching, training, and presentation and feedback sessions. We also provided several dedicated coaches to have an in-depth one-on-one discussion with all Catalysts during personal coaching sessions and monitor each Catalyst’s development as an individual, in addition to the project that they were working on.

At the end of the program, all Catalysts were invited again to attend Closing Townhall in person. The Closing Townhall aimed to give proper appreciation to all Catalysts who worked hard during the four months program. Those who made the best progress were given the chance to present their project result in front of all other Catalysts and G4S Indonesia management board. Some of the top performers were awarded Best Catalyst and Honorable Mention.

As an individual, Catalysts also showed remarkable development by comparing their assessment result prior to post program. There are striking improvement in the number of Catalyst who scored good to excellent level in several AMBIZ Agility factors, including




Willingness to Change




Critical Thinking


Problem Solving


Growth Mindset



We believe that successful and smooth change within an organization is possible if everyone inside a company took their part and supported the initiatives within their own scope. Moreover, an organization is made of its employees, therefore it is important to also develop employees to match company’s vision and start every initiative not only from top-down, but also from bottom-up approach.

Furthermore, we are very pleased that not only did this program generate real results, but all participants also showed high satisfactory level based on the result of program’s feedback form. Around 70% to 85% NPS scores were given by participants to rate the impact of the program on their personal development, in helping G4S transformation process, their willingness to participate in similar program, and intention to recommend the program to their peers.

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