AMBIZ Regenerating The Possible



Re-Try-Ment program is designed to go beyond traditional retirement approaches. It empowers retirees to embark on a regenerative journey, providing them with the tools and support needed for a fulfilling and purpose-driven post-retirement phase.

Promote the Holistic Well-Being
This approach ensures that retirees find purpose and fulfilment in their post-retirement endeavours.
Encourage Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Inspire retirees to explore entrepreneurship and innovative ventures, fostering a mindset of creativity and business acumen.
Facilitate in Managing Community for a Supportive Network
Creating opportunities for retirees to connect with like-minded individuals.
Optimize The Financial Planning and Stability
By aligning with the Entrepreneur track, retirees receive guidance on managing a small business, optimizing financial planning for sustained stability.
Nurture the Culture of Continuous Learning
Cultivate a culture of ongoing learning and skill development, encouraging retirees to stay engaged and curious.
Entrepreneurial Mindset, Resilience, Innovation, Strategic Thinking, Business Planning & Execution, Operation Excellence
Talents who posses an entrepreneurial spirit and aspire to create, innovate, and lead their own ventures
Mentoring Skills, Effective Communication, Coaching, Leadership, Relationship Building Skills, Motivation & Empowerment
Mentor Mastery
Talents who find fulfillment in sharing the knowledge and expertise gained throughout their careers
Community Building, Organizing, Project Management, Community Initiatives, Partnerships, Mobilization
Community Champions
Talents who are passionate about making a positive impact on society and driving change in their local community
Our Values to Your Retiree
3-Tracks Program That Fits Their Aspiration
Participants receive a personalized track – The Entrepreneur, The Mentor Mastery, or The Community Champion – recommendation to receive further learning program
Dedicated Platform to Promote Their Values
Every participants of the program will be registered in our AMBIZ Retryment Network Platform where we will support showcasing the value that they’ve build throughout the program
Flexible Program Match Their Availability
The program is designed starting from a simple, intermediate, up to most complete program. The duration varies from 3 months and 6 months to have a complete immersive learning experience
Real Measurement That Helps Their Learnings
Participants will be assessed to identify their preferred and most fit track. The measurement will continuously be available to track their learning progress
Network of Stakeholders To Boost Their Success
Participants will be supported to connect with the local and global network of stakeholders that is available within AMBIZ. These stakeholders will help support the retiree success on and after the program
Help Talents Stay Productive and Enjoy Retirement Days
The essence of this program is to help the retiree to stay productive, reduce stress, ease their transition and ensure they enjoy their retirement days


Regenerate The Possible with Us through Retirement