Our strategic research approach is depply rooted in Indonesia’s culture and market dyamics.
Our Approach in Strategic Research
Our strategic research approach is deeply rooted in Indonesia's culture and market dynamics. Born and raised here, we bring a practical, human-driven, and tech-infused strategy to your brand's marketing communication and events. As a testament to our commitment to innovation, our strategies are infused with cutting-edge technology to ensure that we not only keep pace with the evolving landscape but also harness its power to propel your brand forward. This unique blend of cultural sensitivity, practicality, human-centric focus, and technological integration positions us to navigate the complexities of the marketing and events landscape, delivering results that go beyond expectations.
Data to Knowledge Synthesizing Method
Logical Framework Approach
We employ the Logical Framework Approach to discern the causal relationships among elements targeted for improvement in our research findings. This methodology enables us to identify potential unintended consequences and establishes unparalleled clarity in formulating management suggestions.
Research Methodology
AMBIZ Assessment
In-depth Interview
Focus Group
Gamified Questionnaire
Observational Research
Social Media Listening
Online Analytics
Secondary Research
Gamified Collaborative Workshop