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Drawing from our extensive experience that has enriched over 100,000 talents since our establishment, encompassing diverse backgrounds from top management to blue-collar workers, and spanning multinational consumer goods companies to state-owned enterprises, our approach is defined by four key principles:


Localized Context

Our programs refers to the process of tailoring the learning experience to the specific needs, interests and challenges of the target audience to ensures relevance and applicability in diverse settings.


Participants are highly satisfied with the Work-Life Balance gamification learning

Testimonies Siti Maesaroh

Siti Maesaroh

Training Participant from Indonesia Financial Group

Learning and practicing through gamification are quite effective in understanding and learning how to implement it in the real life.
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We don’t want to just hand learner answers; we want to equip them with the tools and build confidence  to think critically, make informed decisions, and progress on their own terms (called ‘AHA’ moments ). Empowering learners to become independent problem solvers and change-makers is key to success.

Testimonies Siti Maesaroh

Marcellino Agung Christyo

Training Participant from Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison

Very Insightful, this training can combine theories with real simulation & implementation very well
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Passive lectures and monotonous slides are yesterday. We believe learning should be a thrilling adventure, not a chore. By keeping participants actively involved, exploring, and collaborating, we spark curiosity, ignite passion, and create a dynamic and collaborative environment with lasting impact.


Participants are Participants are highly satisfied with the Creating a Better Collaboration Culture and have learned Collaboration, Communication, and Coordination highly satisfied with the Work-Life Balance gamification

Testimonies Made Wiratama

Made Wiratama

Training Participant from Technip Indonesia

VThere are lessons learned that can be applied in daily work.
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We excel in assisting companies in pinpointing root causes by leveraging correlative insights. Our approach goes beyond surface-level analysis, delving deep into interconnected factors to provide a nuanced understanding. By unraveling the correlation between various elements, we empower organizations to adopt more effective and targeted learning approaches. This strategic methodology ensures a comprehensive and insightful exploration, allowing companies to address challenges at their core and cultivate a more impactful learning environment.

Testimonies Milda Meividia Aniaro

Milda Meividia Aniaro

Training Participant from Askrindo

VKali ini kita dapat game yang sangat aspiratif, komunikatif, dan membangun kita semua buat merasa memiliki perusahaan…
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