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Six is a Perfect Number for a Perfect Teamwork: Is It a Myth or a Fact?

August, 2023 — Written by Trineke Haruko


Contrary to Popular Belief, 7 isn’t the Magic Number

In the dynamic realm of teamwork, the diversity of tasks assigned to each team often shapes the ideal team size. When tasks stand as independent entities, a leaner team, consisting of a smaller number of individuals, might be more than sufficient to conquer the challenges. However, when collaboration is required, various research has indicated that 4 to 8 members work best.

Having an ideal team member is crucial to achieve perfect teamwork. Too few members can lead to an overwhelming workload that stifles creativity and progress. Conversely, too many people on deck will lead to redundancy and the once-unified group will dissolve into subgroups, diminishing the collective efficacy.

What nature says about the number 6

If the research on human organization has a say about this topic, so does nature. Nature seems to be really fond of the number 6 in particular as a lot of hexagons can be found in nature, gracing beautiful crystals, flies’ eyes, or even bubbles. Though the most well-known one for its hexagonal form is none other than the honeycomb.

The original form of honeycomb isn’t hexagonal as we may know now, in fact, it is a circle, but then the bee workers make it into hexagonal form by melting the wax from a circle shape into a hexagon shape using their body heat. As an efficient worker, bees definitely have a reason for this one. Research has found that the hexagonal form has advantages beyond honey storage and definitely not merely for the aesthetic. Each cell is a potential room to store food supply and for a space for a larva to develop. These hexagons are not only space-efficient—as it can fit the most area with the least perimeter—but also have a high compression strength and the ability to control heat loss.

With that being said, hexagons—which represent the number six in terms of shape—appear to have some kind of magic in the natural world. But not only do hexagons weave their mathematical magic in nature, but six individuals may also appear to wield the ideal magic within human interactions.

What do you think? Is six too effective? Or is it too excessive?

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