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Internship Program that Works for Incoming and Internal Talents (Also the Branding!)

June, 2023 — Written by Rani Soebijantoro

Everyone can create internship programs, but not all can create the one that works.

Are you tired of internships that are agonizing for your People & Culture team, unfulfilling for the young talents, and draining for internal talents acting as interns' buddies? As a People & Culture professional, I believe that an internship program should be rewarding for everyone involved. Here are my top tips for creating an internship program that works for all:

So, what can companies do to ensure they have capable and prepared future leaders? Here are some key elements companies can contribute to the development of effective leaders:

  1. Screen the right people
  2. Your internship program should be a comprehensive investment in your company's talent pool. It's important to only select interns who fit your company culture and internal talents who have the capability and willingness to participate.

  3. Plan the journey
  4. A development journey should be planned for interns, internal talents (through a buddy program), and the People & Culture team (as the organizer).

  5. Make time for periodic check-ins
  6. Interacting with others is fundamental to human nature. Engage everyone involved in the program through regular check-ins and engagement activities.

  7. Measure, expose, and reward
  8. Did you know most interns and buddies are performance-oriented? Encourage healthy competition by measuring everyone's performance fairly and publishing the results, also prepare rewards for the best interns, buddies, and organizers—these don't need to be expensive, even a daily consumer good can do the trick!

Creating a rewarding internship program takes time and effort, but the end result is worth it. By following these tips, you can build a quality talent pool and empower your internal talent.

Rani Soebijantoro
Founder & Chairwoman |

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