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Getting the Right Talents through the Right Recruitment Process

June, 2023 — Written by Trineke Haruko

In Brief
  • The recruitment process starts by identifying the organization’s needs, follows by talent sourcing and talent selection before finally arriving at offering and onboarding.
  • The keys to successful recruitment are preparedness and open-mindedness.
  • The recruitment process needs to be planned and done thoughtfully and carefully to get the most fitted talents.

Carried out to fill in a certain position in the organization, recruitment is more than just posting a job vacancy ad on social media. Then where does the recruitment process start and where does it end? The recruitment process starts by identifying the organization’s needs—which role or function they need to fill to widen or strengthen their expertise. Only by finding out its real needs, does the job posting can be put up on ads. With the help of employer branding strategy, we can optimize the talent sourcing period and lead us to get the right candidates. Afterward, there is talent selection that can be in different forms depending on the company’s needs, but in general, it can be in the form of assessments, a Leaderless Group Discussion, and interviews. And the most exciting part is finally here, offering and onboarding—there is truly nothing more exciting than saying ‘You’re hired!’ to capable candidates who embody the company’s values.

Every step of the recruitment process that has been stated above needs to be executed properly and carefully. The two most important keys to successful recruitment are open-mindedness and preparedness. People are full of subjectivity and assumptions, but as a recruiter, one needs to relinquish the stigma and stereotypes to evaluate candidates more objectively. The recruitment process also requires proper preparation as every step depends on its predecessor. For example, only by identifying the organization’s needs correctly, an accurate employer branding strategy will be created and implemented in the next step.

Putting your footing in the right place in every step you take will lead you to your goals. Getting the right talents is, of course, the very purpose of the recruitment process. Just like what has always been said, an organization is defined by its people. An individual can affect the whole organization, if the right one can enable a big positive impact on the organization, then the wrong one will serve an adverse effect that may stray the organization from its original course to achieve its initial goals. Therefore, recruitment needs to be planned and done thoughtfully and carefully to achieve its purpose without wasting too many sources.

Zahra Rahmandari
Senior Associate for Recruitment |

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