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Creating Leaders: From Family to Nations

July, 2023 — Written by Trineke Haruko


Mindset: The Inheritance That Shapes Generations

‘Mindset is a household problem’, as they say, and it's fascinating how this idea emphasizes the profound influence our families have on shaping our perspectives and ultimately the future of our country. Imagine for a moment that to change an entire nation, we must first start with a single family. It's a powerful concept, isn't it?

Lessons Gained from Parents

When we were young, we were like empty canvases waiting to be painted upon. And who better to wield the brush than our parents, who imprinted their thoughts and beliefs onto our actions, even without our conscious awareness? They instilled in us the very first lessons of life, laying the foundation for the people we would become. Here are a few that helped me developing my leadership skills:

  • The Importance of Creating Value
  • One invaluable lesson I learned from my parents, one that has shaped me into the person I am today, is the importance of creating value. They taught me that being a good leader isn't just about expecting compensation or personal gain. True leadership means transcending the narrow focus on oneself and considering the greater good of the organization or society. While it's not wrong to think about rewards, being a contributor every day enables you to give your best without expecting immediate returns. You become motivated by the knowledge that you're making a difference.

  • The Readiness to Embrace Empathy & Selflessness
  • A parent's love knows no bounds; it stretches beyond the confines of the universe. Yet, sometimes, we take this selflessness for granted. This same selflessness is mirrored in effective leaders. Good leaders embrace empathy and are prepared for the reality that their efforts may not always be reciprocated. They understand that leadership is about giving, even if it means not receiving in equal measure.

  • The Crucialness of Balancing Technical & Soft Skills
  • Balanced parenting plays a pivotal role in the development of children. In my own experience, my mother imparted soft skills, while my father shared knowledge of economics, which remains relevant to my work today. A balanced approach to parenting helps cultivate successful leaders because leadership isn't just about technical skills; it's also about managing and inspiring people.

Parents pass down more than just genes to their children; they pass on their mindset. Just as you inherited your parents' perspective, your children will inherit yours. Your children will see the world through your lenses, as you did through your parents'. However, unlike genes, mindset is not set in stone. With an open mind, you can continuously develop and improve your mindset, creating a better cycle for the next generation.

The power to shape the future lies in your hands. By embracing the lessons from your parents, by leading with empathy and selflessness, and by nurturing a growth mindset, you have the potential to not only create a positive impact on your own family but also on the larger canvas of society. Remember, changing a country starts with changing a family, and it all begins with you.

Rani Soebijantoro
Founder & Chairwoman |

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