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Building Bridges: Creating a Comprehensive Onboarding Experience for New Employees

June, 2023 — Written by Trineke Haruko


Setting the Stage for Employees’ Success with Onboarding

For most newcomers, taking the very first step into their new company never fail to hike up the feeling of excitement and fill the surrounding air with it. But what happens next can make all the difference in their journey. That’s where onboarding comes in—it’s like the red carpet rolled out just for them, ensuring a memorable and seamless transition into their new role. Onboarding isn’t just a mere formality; it’s a golden opportunity for companies to make a lasting impression, a chance for you to showcase your employer branding and demonstrate how much you genuinely care about your employee’s success. From the moment the new employees walk through the door, companies are recommended to welcome them in a warm and inviting environment that sets the stage for an incredible journey ahead.

Crafting a Purposeful Onboarding

To ensure that high standards and expectations are shared with the newcomers, firstly, companies should have a well-defined onboarding purpose. By clearly outlining the goals you want to achieve, you can carefully curate the contents of the onboarding to perfectly align with your objectives—make sure to communicate it to every stakeholder involved. It's like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, ensuring that every element of the onboarding experience contributes to a cohesive and impactful whole.

Companies should also embrace the power of measurement and evaluation to ensure that the onboarding hits the mark. By gathering feedback from participants, companies can continuously improve and enhance the onboarding experience. It's a cycle of growth and evolution, where each iteration becomes better than the last, ensuring that future onboardings are even more effective and engaging.

Onboarding Elements

Each company may have slightly different goals, but every onboarding surely aims to foster a sense of connection and understanding. Let’s dive into three things companies should include in the onboarding event:

  1. Pre-onboard communication
  2. Prior to the event, companies can provide the participants with all the necessary details to get them excited and prepared. And companies can also prepare pre-read materials that lay the foundation for the upcoming content for the onboarding participants.

  3. Right-on-target materials
  4. During this event, companies can provide vital information that every employee should know. From the company’s main purpose and mission to crucial legal and HR policies that will support newcomers in their day-to-day work. Other than that, the information about working culture, their future responsibilities, and the communication dynamics between them and their new colleagues are also essential.

  5. Employer branding aspects
  6. It is important for companies to know that delivering materials in an engaging and enjoyable way is the key. You need to ensure that your new employees have fun while soaking in the essential information. In order to do so, you can wrap the delivery in exciting and fun activities. This event will strike the perfect balance between enjoyment and effectiveness, ensuring that the newcomers not only learn but also create lasting memories from day one.

In this journey, let onboarding be the catalyst that propels new employees towards success, creating an experience that not only imparts knowledge but also leaves them with lasting memories from day one. So, roll out the red carpet, welcome your newcomers with open arms, and let the transformative power of onboarding set the stage for a remarkable future together.

Zahra Rahmandari
Senior Associate for Recruitment |

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