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Data-Driven Employer Branding: A Surefire Path to Attracting Your Dream Team

June, 2023 — Written by Elsa Nurulita & Trineke Haruko


Employing Research and Insights to Craft an Irresistible Employer Branding Strategy

Between a data-driven strategy and one that is not, which do you think will perform better? The answer to this question should be obvious enough. It is the same with the creation of employer branding strategy. Any organization will want a strategy that resonates with their target audience. Through what means can organizations obtain such strategy? This is where the employer branding research comes into play.

The employer branding research has the purpose to identify and synthesise how an organization is being perceived by gathering information from their internal people and external parties. Through the collection and analysation of relevant insight, the organization will be better equipped to create and implement their ideal employer branding strategy. Sounds very appealing, right?

Now, the question changes to how do we conduct employer branding research properly to ensure the creation of a precise employer strategy? Here are several steps you must take to make a great leap:

  1. Set research objectives & designate on target respondents
  2. Act as the foundation of the upcoming steps—including research & strategy creation, clear objectives must be set in the starting line of conducting the research. Once it is set, target respondents should be determined to optimize the distribution of research form later on. While it is fine to transfer the baton right away, it is recommended to provide incentives to encourage the collection of data, therefore a suitable incentive for the target respondents should also be contemplated and decided thoughtfully.

  3. Create research items & develop its form
  4. Here comes the creation and the development steps. In this stage, the research items are created to align with objectives and company’s insight needs. Once those are finalized, we can move on to the development of the research form. In AMBIZ, the form is developed with our own hands, thus the researchers—organizations, in this case—can have more control of the research’s flow and design the interface to our hearts content.

  5. Distribute the research form to the hands of your target respondents
  6. When the preparation is ready, the only step to take is to deploy to reach the target you have in mind. The distribution of the research form cannot be done carelessly in random platforms. The channels should be chosen beforehand, the ones which can bring your form to your designated respondents. Along with proper chosen platforms, the additional incentives will make the collection data period be more efficient.

  7. Analyse the inbound data & generate insight for employer brand strategy
  8. Once you have the data from your target respondents in hand, you are ready to clean and analyse it. This last step is a bridge to the finish line—like the last passage before the word ‘fin’—and it holds an immense importance to the end-goal of this process, which is to generate a well-aligned employer brand strategy.

The process of creating data-driven employer branding strategy definitely requires a longer period of time, more efforts, and more cost as it is more complex and involved many people. But this strategy will be proven to be more sustainable and cost-effective to bring your desired talents to knock on your doors with you barely so much breaking a sweat.

Ardelia Pratista A.
Senior Associate Consultant for Employer Branding |

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