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Unleashing the Power of Employer Branding:
A Blueprint for New Business to
Thrive in a Competitive Market

June, 2023 — Written by Trineke Haruko


A Winning Strategy for New Businesses to Attract Top Talents and Propel Growth

In the competitive landscape of business, having a strong and effective employer branding strategy is crucial for all companies, regardless of their size, reputation, or age. For new organizations looking to make their mark, employer branding becomes an essential tool to accelerate growth and stand out from established competitors.

Utilizing Employer Brand to Win Talents

When implemented with care and precision, employer branding empowers companies to attract and hire talented individuals who align with their values and vision. This alignment fosters a sense of comfort, belonging, and purpose among employees, fuelling their motivation to deliver exceptional results. However, new businesses face the challenge of competing against more prominent players in the talent market. So, how can they utilize employer branding to win the battle?

The key lies in identifying what sets your company apart from other employers and leveraging it to your advantage. While it's tempting to focus solely on recruiting top talents from prestigious universities, it's crucial to question whether these individuals genuinely align with your company's values and culture or not. Take a moment to reflect on why your target talents are the right fit for your organization. Once you've gained clarity, channel your energy and resources towards attracting their unique skills and perspectives. Remember, it's not about being greedy and pursuing every potential candidate, but rather adopting a strategic approach and carefully selecting your battles.

Employer Branding as the Foundation for Business Growth

By leveraging your distinct qualities, effectively communicating your company's values, and aligning with the right talent, you can craft a compelling employer brand that resonates with prospective employees. This not only helps you secure top talent but also positions your new business as an attractive and rewarding place to work. With a strong employer brand in place, you'll be equipped to navigate the competitive landscape and drive your organization's success in the ever-evolving business world.

Ardelia Pratista A.
Senior Associate Consultant for Employer Branding |

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