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Driven by a practical, measurable, and sustainable approach, AMBIZ Learning is an initiative born through the need for versatility caused by the ever-evolving business landscape.

AMBIZ Learning Principles

Our learning program initiative is led by three underlying principles that we believe are essential in driving impactful results:


From creating robust managers to sparking a lasting change, our learning programs are tailored to be specifically relevant to your organization’s needs with significant practicability in mind


Our learning program is systematically designed to deliver results that can and will be measured using our standardized tools


In order to guarantee a lasting impact, we partner with your organization’s leaders to ensure the commitment of all stakeholders involved

Our Learning Program

To date, we have created three signature learning programs that are carefully tailored to counteract the inefficiency of traditional lecture-based learning. The clear distinction between our three programs also enable us to cover every learning needs: from one-day to months of learning, from medium practicality with indirect effect to the highly-practical program with tangible direct impact.

Our Learning Program

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Givari Rizky Michael Amrin | Co-Founder & Managing Director

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