Credential Programs

The Credential Programs is one of AMBIZ's signature development program that equips talents with specific multidiscipline skills and credentials that prepares them to be impactful in the workplace and qualified in particular fields.


It's a multidisciplinary learning journey where knowledge delivery will utilize various methodologies: from gamification learning to workshops to business case challenges. The program is designed to equip future business leaders with highly-effective learning path.

All materials delivered can be customized based on company needs, including the program's scope, form, and length.

Four types of assessments will help participants realize their capacity before and after the program, evaluate their understanding of the material, apply the material in real examples, and evaluate their performance based on expert judgment.

During the program, materials will be presented practically through simulations, workshops, talk shows, challenges and presentations, which will train them to apply the materials in real-life situations. Materials given won’t also be limited to only one discipline to ensure that learners will get comprehensive insights needed for the job.

Credential Programs Journey

All of the materials and modules are customizable and will be divided into 3-5 chapters adjusting to the talent development’s needs. The typical journey of the learners can be seen below.


We Measure
Our Success


At the end of the program, each participant will get a credential determined based on the value of each chapter assessment, final presentation, and final credential assessment.

Chapter Assessment

The assessment chapter will describe how well the participants understand the material presented.

Final Presentation

The final presentation will describe how well the participants perform in applying the material that has been presented.

Credential Assessment

The assessment credential describes the participant's ability to apply each material to do complex analysis.

Hear what our clients have to say about our Learning Program

Lisa Qonita

SVP – Head of People & Culture of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison

"Today, we got the chance to learn organizational excellence experiential training run by AMBIZ. It was surprisingly enjoyable and also fun. I really can see that this can bring benefit to the entire organization. I can sense all the excitement coming from the participants & i really wish that all of the people in our organization can also take benefit from this kind of learning”


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Rani Soebijantoro
Founder & Chairwoman of AMBIZ
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