Catalyst Program

Catalyst Program is an intensive 6-12 weeks development program designed for companies who aim to do cultural and impactful changes within their organization.


Participants will be involved in several weeks of multi-method learning programs consisting of several multidiscipline materials that will sharpen the practical business knowledge required for a particular role/industry. At the end of each chapter, participants will be evaluated periodically using an assessment based on specific learning levels and objectives.

In this program, catalysts are empowered to bring their own change to their team at work. Thus, they are able to directly practice what they learn.

To measure the impact of the program towards catalysts’ personal development, this program features pre- & post- assessment to measure catalysts’ capacities.

Through this program, catalysts are able to influence a new habit to their team and learn how to gain commitment from their peers and leaders. These are the key for sustainable impact.


There are some principles that guide how we drive change initiatives through this program.

The Right People at The Right Program

Targeting individuals who have the capacity & ownership to drive change within the organization

Start from The Root Cause

Existing challenges will be dissected to tackle the real root cause in order to have the most effective solutions

Practical Frameworks

Frameworks that are relevant to any use cases for the catalysts during the engagement of this project

Hands On Coaching

Existence of the Catalyst Coaches who’s presence helps align and direct the catalysts during the project

12-Weeks of Catalyst Program Journey

During the intensive 6-12 weeks development program, we’ll usually incorporate multiple development activities for the catalyst. Although the journey for each catalyst programs may vary, typical journey for this program may look like this:

WEEK 1-2



Strategic Alignment
with Leaders

General Townhall

WEEK 2-11


Personal Coaching


Check In Training

Group Coaching

WEEK 12-13



Final Presentation

Closing Townhall

Our Impact



Our catalyst program had been proven effective to support the transformation process in 3 companies.


Catalyst Projects

We have supported 110 bright catalysts that have driven meaningful changes within their team.


Individual Factors
Significantly Improved

By comparing catalysts’ pre & post assessment results, we can see that significant improvement can be found in more than 20 agility factors measured.


Organizational Factors
Significantly Improved

By comparing catalysts’ pre & post assessment results, we can see that significant improvement can be found in the catalysts’ satisfaction towards more than 25+ organization’s aspects.


Best Cases From Catalyst Program

Impact of The Program to Individual Development

Impact of The Program to Organization

*minus talents with reduced score

Hear what our clients have to say about our Learning Program

Faisal Muzakki

Managing Director G4S

"At first I heard that AMBIZ training method was difficult for them to grasp because they were urged to think on their own while they expected that they would get clear direction during the training. Meanwhile, I saw that AMBIZ approached this training by giving them initial ideas and then letting them think about it themselves and discuss it later. It’s a new approach but I’m glad because we can all notice how it went. What AMBIZ did is just one part of the whole transformation process that we need to do on every level to encourage critical thinking, willingness to think based on data, and idea formulation”


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