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State-Owned Enterprises

State-owned enterprise (SOE) is a government-owned company or organization that operates for the benefit of the public, often involved in key industries such as energy, transportation, or telecommunications.

State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), also known as government-owned corporations or government business enterprises, are companies or organizations that are owned and operated by a government or state at various levels (national, regional, or local).

In these enterprises, the government typically holds a majority or complete ownership stake, allowing it to exert control over their operations and decision-making.

Regenerative Strategy Development
Assist SOEs in formulating long-term strategies that align with regenerative principles, emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and societal impact.
Stakeholder Engagement Programs
Facilitate constructive dialogues between SOEs and diverse stakeholders, including government bodies and local communities, to build stronger partnerships.
Governance Enhancement
Advise on transparent and accountable governance practices to gain public trust and ensure alignment with regenerative goals.
Sustainability Reporting
Assist in measuring and reporting the social and environmental impact of SOEs to meet global sustainability reporting standards.
Innovation Ecosystems
Foster innovation within SOEs by establishing ecosystems that encourage collaboration with startups and research institutions.
Diversity and Inclusion Programs
Foster diverse and inclusive corporate cultures, attracting talent and promoting social equity.

Our Stories in State-Owned Enterprises

Askrindo Women Lead Program Kick Off

Askrindo Women Lead Program Kick Off – Preparing Askrindo’s Brightest and Most Promising Women Talents to Become the Next Leaders

In support of our nation’s goal to employ 25% of women in strategic leadership positions in government-owned companies, PT Asuransi Kredit Indonesia (Askrindo) with the help of AMBIZ initiated a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program called Askrindo Women Lead.