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Family Business

A family business is a company where ownership and management are primarily controlled by one or more families, often passed down through generations.​

A family business is an enterprise where ownership, control, and management are predominantly in the hands of a single family or multiple generations of a family. The family members are involved in key decision-making processes and often hold key leadership positions within the business.

These businesses may range from small, closely-held ventures to large corporations, passing down values, traditions, and assets across familial lines.

Succession Planning
Assist family businesses in developing a well-structured and sustainable succession plan to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation or external leadership. This includes identifying and preparing successors, defining roles and responsibilities, and addressing potential family conflicts.
Regenerative Transition
Guide family businesses in transitioning their operations and culture towards regenerative principles, emphasizing sustainability, social responsibility, and long-term thinking, all while preserving the core values of the family.
Governance and Family Councils
Help establish effective governance structures and family councils to facilitate decision-making, governance, and communication within the family business, ensuring transparency and fairness.
Legacy Preservation
Work with family businesses to define and preserve their unique legacy, incorporating regenerative practices that align with the family's values and long-term goals.
Conflict Resolution
Provide guidance on addressing family conflicts or business-related disputes, ensuring that disagreements are managed constructively and do not negatively impact the business's regenerative mission.
Economic Inclusion
Support family businesses in promoting economic inclusion by exploring initiatives that provide access to economic opportunities for marginalized or disadvantaged groups in the community where they operate.