Recruitment Services

Helping Companies Acquire The Most-Fit Candidates through Game Changing Recruitment.

Recruitment Services

Aspiring companies that have shared purpose to invest in people partner with us in a tailored recruitment program that fulfill companies’ unique needs, especially in acquiring experienced talents through our Management Trainee Recruitment Program and Professional Recruitment.

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Recruitment Services

Management Trainee

Helping your company to acquire talents with limited working experience to join in a development program that aim to prepare them for your company’s future leader.

Professional Recruitment

Through our expert network system, we help your company to acquire professional talents from various background and level of expertise.

Tailored End-to-End Support for Your Recruitment Needs

Developing and executing the strategy to ensure the alignment of value and message of your company and the program to targeted talents.
Developing and executing the strategy to attract target talents while ensuring enjoyable recruitment journey to all related stakeholders.
Providing objective assessment tools adjusted specific to your company values and target capacities and giving top talents recommendation based on the result.
Developing and executing the strategy to ensure smooth transition process for accepted talents along with their mid-term advancement initiatives.

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Committed talents tend to be humble enough to accept other perspectives and opinions, have feeling of the responsibility to the task as part of the team and as part of the company, and find out solutions to difficult or complex issues.

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Zahra Rahmandari | Senior Associate for Recruitment

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