Track your learning progress through objective measurement

Future-Proof Development Insights
Exceptionally generating future-fit development suggestions, which can benefit company and talents themselves.
Comprehensive Measurement
Effectively measuring talents competencies, actual performance, and learning progress.
By measuring learners’ progress objectively, the organization may easily gain insight about what needs to be done to the talent next.

Our Key Features

We believe that to address organizations’ various needs, providing conventional assessment might not be enough. Therefore, we build our assessment plan with unique features that may help fulfill your needs more effectively.

Psychometrically Tested to be Valid & Reliable​

Our assessment is regularly going through psychometric testing to ensure its validity and reliability in measuring talent needs.

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Learning Progress Tracker

Our assessment tools allow your company to track learners’ progress from time to time

Global Concept With Local Adaptation

Our assessment tools utilize up-to-date technology and methods while still considering local context in constructing each assessment items and vignettes

Integrated & Scalable Technology

Our assessment platform is integrated with modern technologies to ensure scalable experience for candidates & employers, as well as real-time results.


Our assessment is equipped with fraud prevention technology to ensure fair assessment process.

Our Key Tools

Our assessment is complemented with integrated and modern tools to facilitate your Learning needs. Some of the tools that can be utilized during the assessment process are: ​

Live Supervision

We provide assessment technical support for all talents through multiple channels.

Response Style Detector

To ensure the validity and fairness of the assessment process, we embed a feature to detect whether certain talent gives off unnatural pattern of response while completing the assessment.

Virtual Interview

To improve the scalability of the learning process, we provide virtual interview platform where candidates may see the questions directly on screen and record their answers directly.

Technical Test

Beside soft skill assessment, we can also help you build assessment tools to assess candidates’ technical skills and integrate it in the whole assessment process.

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Meritocracy Performance Management

We provide 360-degree performance review system to give practical comprehensive development report and practical suggestions for leaders.


Tell us how we can help you to curate and provide the fittest set of measurement tools to accommodate your needs. Reach out to our consultants now.

Hashella Kostan
Consultant for assessment
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