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The fundamental characteristic of an individual that may predict their success while working in a certain field.

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Personal resources owned by talents that are likely to be utilized when they are working in a certain field.

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A set of working competencies that enable individuals to think of solutions/approaches for problems they may encounter while working in a certain field.

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Science Behind our Assessment

To ensure the quality of our assessment, we regularly conduct psychometric analysis to ensure that our assessment tools are robust enough to achieve the measurement objectives. Some of our commonly used methods can be seen below:


Evaluation to ensure that the assessment tool is good enough to measure what it is supposed measure.


Evaluation to ensure that the results of the assessment will be relatively consistent when measured another time in the same setting and with the same subject.

Item Discrimination

Evaluation to ensure that each item in our assessment tools has the power to discriminate between examinees who are relatively high on the criterion of interest and those who are relatively low.


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