Employer Brand Services

Helping Companies Align Values and Culture Perception Internally and Externally.

Employer Brand Services

Through AMBIZ Employer Brand Services, we aim to help align the way your company’s culture, values and purpose are being perceived internally and externally through four (4) pillars: Research, Communication, Engagement, and Communities.

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Understanding Employer Branding Target Tiers

Why it’s important?

We believe that Employer Brand is not a one-size-fits-all type of service. By understanding the nature and profile of the individuals your company wishes to attract, Employer Branding strategies can be tailored to match targeted profile’s preference exactly, therefore increasing the chances of achieving your company’s employer brand objectives.

AMBIZ Employer Brand Pillars


Our Employer Brand Research is made to fit your company’s insight needs. We will support your company by providing the research platform, data analysis, and comprehensive reporting ready to be implemented in your next employer brand strategy.

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A pillar that is designed to help your company to convey the right message to the right people. By specifically adjusting the type of keywords that we use, contents that we make and channels that we choose to the targeted Tiers, we will be able to establish meaningful communication that leaves memorable and desired impression on the targeted profiles.

Where we deploy our Employer Brand Communication Contents: LinkedIn, Youtube, Microsite, and more


A pillar that is focused on helping companies build strong connection with candidates in their targeted Tiers. A pillar that is focused on helping companies build strong connection with candidates in their targeted Tiers. Choices of Engagement Initiatives Locations: Offline (Company’s headquarters and/or Public working spaces) & Online (Zoom Event/Webinar)

Past collaborations: Unilever Change Driver Summit


Building connections with communities that share company’s DNA in order to expand reach and attract more targeted candidates.

Our Impact


Student Organizations
AMBIZ strategically partners with 120+ student organizations and universities all around Indonesia


AMBIZ has reached Indonesian students and graduates in 600+ universities worldwidee


Active Internal Talent Pool
AMBIZ has 50.000+ active internal talent pool who are reachable through AMBIZ Website, Feeds, and Mailing List

What makes an agile workforce?

In order to thrive in these ever-changing times (and even gain a competitive advantage over competitors), a company needs to have an agile workforce. They need people who can adapt to any market conditions; who can respond quickly to the demands of the market, capable of making quick decisions, and able to expedite the timeline required to do so. This presents us with another question: what makes an agile workforce?

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Meet Our Consultant

Ardelia Pratista | Senior Associate Consultant for Employer Branding

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