Credential Program

The Credentials program is one of AMBIZ's signature development program that equips talents with specific multidiscipline skills and credentials that prepares them to be impactful in the workplace and qualified in particular fields.

About the Credential Programs

Participants will be involved in several weeks of learning programs consisting of several multidiscipline materials that will sharpen the business knowledge required for a particular role/industry.

All materials will be divided into several chapters and delivered practically, which equips participants to understand and apply each material in the real world.

At the end of each chapter, participants will be evaluated periodically using an assessment based on specific learning levels and objectives.

Measurement of Success Methodology

At the end of the program, each participant will get a credential determined based on the value of each chapter assessment, final presentation, and final credential assessment.

Chapter Assessment

The assessment chapter will describe how well the participants understand the material presented.

Final Presentation

The final presentation will describe how well the participants perform in applying the material that has been presented.

Credential Assessment

The assessment credential describes the participant's ability to apply and apply each material to a real-life situation.

Meet Our Consultant

Givari Rizky Michael Amrin | Co-Founder & Managing Director

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