Gamification Learning Services

Our gamification learning aimed to help employees to learn a desirable skill in a more fun and engaging manner.

About the Gamification Learning

Participants will be involved in a business simulation that is designed to mirror current real business landscape. Participants can then decide upon which actions to take and administer them through the simulation dashboard.

To make it as realistic as possible, each action a participant took will have consequences that can either helps achieve or hinder an objective. This kind of approach will build a robust mental model for each participant, thus enabling quicker & more accurate decision making in real business.

How You Can Learn through Gamification

By learning through the process of doing a gamified simulation, participants can reflect and gain insight by themselves without going through long sessions of lectures. This is possible because through the gamified simulation, participants may learn the consequences of certain actions and reflect on what to do and what not to do while facing similar situations.

To do this, we carefully tailored each element and the rules of the game to mirror real-life situations. Participants can also learn from each other by listening to others' feedback and/or observing why some participants perform well in the game and why some participants fail.

After experiencing all of this, our facilitators will help the participants reflect on their experiences and summarize all of the insights they acquired from the game. Thus, participants who have learned something new, are now ready to execute what they learn, which will lead to better performance.

What complex business aspects can be made into gamification learning?

People Management
Catalyst Program

By gamifying people management, participants can then know what actions to take to increase overall productivity and company value

Customer Excellence

The gamification of customer excellence enables participants to have a customer mindset, which is an incredibly important factor to succeed in business today

Meet Our Consultant

Givari Rizky Michael Amrin | Co-Founder & Managing Director

What business aspects does your company need to excel in?

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